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Traditional stories, folk tales, myths and legends adapted and retold by storyteller Ziyadliwa

The Charms of a Clever Wife

This is a tale about a clever wife, a woman who managed to cleverly keep her man happy and faithful, even when faced by fierce competition from a beautiful woman… Being clever can be rather charming, it seems! Episode 12 of 30 Tales from Islamic Sources.

Sanity and Madness

An interesting tale about “fitting in”. Perhaps even a tale for our times – if you could be sane when you knew that everyone else around you was “mad”, would you prefer to be sane but lonely, or part of a community but mad? You decide. Episode 10 of 30 Tales from Islamic Sources.

The Drum

The second story from my 30 Tales from Islamic SourThis is my adaptation of a traditional Sufi tale, different versions of which can be found in many collections. This story is adapted from a version told by Idries Shah in a talk given in April 1978 called “Human Nature.”ces project. It’s a humorous tale about understanding and perspective. And perhaps a commentary about whether it’s acceptable to shake a cage



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