The Keeper of Lost Tales Podcast

Traditional stories, folk tales, myths and legends adapted and retold by storyteller Ziyadliwa

Saint Cadoc and the Miracle Mouse

Recently, I was putting together a storytelling performance of Celtic tales and I came across a reference to Cadoc in “The Lives of the Saints” Sabine Baring-Gould. It’s not the quickest book in the world to read but it contains a plethora of interesting tales and snippets of information that, with a little research, turn into living stories of lives lived long ago. At this point, I have to say that I seldom tell religious stories but this is such a delightful tale – in contrast to some of the violent stories that surround many of the saints – that I have fallen in love with it and decided that it was a lost tale worth sharing.

The Making of Stone Soup

In the second episode of The Keeper of Lost Tales podcast, I thought I’d include the story of the making of stone soup. Although this story has variations throughout Europe and the USA, with nails and buttons replacing the stone, I often find that when I tell the story to both children and adults in Austria and South Africa, the story is largely unknown. So much for assuming that it’s a story everyone knows! With that in mind, here is a simple version to hear and enjoy.

The Story Sack

In this first episode of The Keeper of Lost tales, I tell a variation of Faithful John or Faithful Johannes, mixing it with a wonderful Korean tale about a boy who loves stories so much that he traps them in a story bag…  This story is one that I’ve told on a number of occasions to both adults and children, and I thought that it was an apt story to start with because I spend so much researching and uncovering (lost) stories, but often only have a handful of opportunities to tell the stories.



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